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Hôtel*** de La Basilique

3-5, rue Gambetta. 80300 ALBERT
  +33(0)3 22 75 04 71
itinéraire Hôtel*** de La Basilique

Hôtel de la Basilique, traditional restaurant in Albert in the Somme

Located at the foot of the Basilica of Albert, the restaurant of the Hotel de la Basilique invites you to discover traditional cooking anchored in a particularly rich and generous soil. The chef revisits the stars of Picardy to sign dishes rich in flavor. Special mention for Rollot's cream topping on smoked eel, whose simple evocation is enough to make your mouth water.

Hôtel de la Basilique, restaurant with terrace in Albert in the Somme

Located between Amiens and Arras, close to the economic and aeronautical center of the Somme, the restaurant of the Hotel de la Basilique is the ideal place to invite your clients and your employees to a business lunch. We will welcome you in a chic and cozy atmosphere around homemade cooking made up of regional specialties and traditional dishes. On sunny days, you can sit on the terrace

Menus, formulas and the blackboard at the Hotel de la Basilique in Albert

In addition to a menu changed every season, the Chef proposes you his market inspired blackboar, ensuring some nice surprises for the regulars clients. Every day, we proposer bistro-friendly formulas to suit your appetite. For the service, a dynamic and dedicated team will welcome you in a warm family atmosphere.

Parking in front of the Hotel de la Basilique

Restaurant opening hours

tuesday      lunch 12:00  -  14:00      
dinner   19:00  -  21:00
wednesday      lunch 12:00  -  14:00      
dinner  19:00 -  21:00
thursday      lunch 12:00  -  14:00      
dinner   19:00  -  21:00
friday      lunch 12:00  -  14:00      
dinner   19:00  -  21:30
saturday      lunch 12:00  -  14:00      
dinner   19:00  -  21:30
sunday               lunch 12:00  -  14:00                
dinner -  Closed

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Hôtel*** de La Basilique

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Service on the terrace facing the basilica

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